La Cruz de ferra

Yesterday I reached the highest point on my Camino journey, la cruz de ferra,or the iron cross.

Legend says it has been placed there in the 12 century. The original iron cross is in the Gaudi museum in Astorga, which I visited. There are many stories surrounding the reason it has been placed there, but for pilgrims it is an important milestone other than it being the highest point.

People leave what they need to leave there. As for me, I forgot all of the things I deemed precious and spiritual and worthy of leaving there at home. Ok, no problem. I believe stones, or any earthly material holds very special powers. On my way from Rabanal to the cross I came across MY special stone. I’m not sure why no one saw it, as it was in plain sight right along the Camino. I’m thinking it was for me and my eyes only.

It was a beautiful heart shaped stone. I have found lots of heart shaped stones over the years and this one was just as beautiful and had great energy. On my ascend to the cross I began to pray on it, added my words, my wishes, my affirmations, my gratefulness, my burdens, and my own energy to my stone. Yet, as I was nearing the cross, I felt this urge to keep it. The stone was mine now, it held even more special energy than it did when I found it. This stone was supposed to release the burdens, to manifest, to let go and trust, yet I wanted to hold on to it. I even started looking for a replacement stone. Was I not ready to let go of whatever needed to be released, and am I not clear yet on why I embarked on this journey in the first place? I walked with that for a while, slowly relinquishing my desire to keep my stone and slowly understanding that this was part of my journey and my reason for being here.

I placed my stone right along the thousands of other stones that created a mountain around the base of the pole, and as I walked down that little mountain I physically felt lighter as if whatever I left behind was weighing me down.

Author: Content may shift

I will have to revisit this and add content here soon. Stay tuned🙂

11 thoughts on “La Cruz de ferra”

  1. The Buddha said, “If you want to fly, let go of everything that weighs you down”.
    I imagine you are lighter now, yet full of greater thoughts. Your journey defines your purpose for your journey…
    Light and Love. 🌱


  2. Beautiful Claudia
    My heart stone that was brought along with me was left there……
    How nice that you had the place all to yourself 🙂
    Vaos con Dios

    Martha 💕


  3. My dearest Claudia,
    I love reading your description of your daily journey. Thinking of you walking up a hill ready for what may await you in the future as you let go of the past , painted a vivid picture of our struggle for understanding of our time here on earth .
    Know your search will be worth the effort. Treat yourself kindly along the way. Love the the hotel bed photo. What a treat.
    Living vicariously through you and your journey.


    1. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words, Joan. My Camino has come to it’s glorious finale and I am currently at the Madrid airport waiting to board my flight to Berlin. I am still reflecting on my very memorable 30 days, and promise to blog about it very soon


  4. My dear dear friend
    You are one amazing woman. I commend you for listening to your heart and taking on this journey only many of us dream about. You have now opened the eyes of many, especially ME and given us a ray of hope that we too are capable of what we may have though to be unreachable thoughts or dreams. We may also be lucky enough to one day embark on such an amazing, soul searching and empowering journey as this. You are truly an inspiration to me and I’m certain to many others out there. Keep blogging love so I can continue to live vicariously through you until my time come. ❤️❤️❤️
    Safe travels love , we so miss you.


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