Culture, super powers, and a lovely surprise

I’m spending two nights in León. It’s a bigger city, and I’m enjoying the sights and sounds. There is Gaudi, the cathedral, eeeeeendless cafés, restaurant and bars. I was walking around Old town today and was thinking what I want my superpower to be today. It really took me by surprise because I don’t generally go around thinking: Hm, let’s see, what do I want my superpower to be today. Ok, well I played along. As I hear all these beautiful languages, I would love to have the ability to speak and understand all of them. Wouldn’t it be great if we could speak each others languages. When people don’t speak a foreign language fluently like the natives a lot gets lost in translation. I know, because I felt like a 10 year old sometimes when I first moved to the US, not being able to make myself understood the way I would in my native tongue German. So yeah, that’s what I want my superpower to be today. Pow💥What superpower do wish you had today? Care to share it?

So I mentioned before, or maybe not, it’s not the easiest thing to pack up and sleep in a different bed every day. The place I’m calling home for 2 nights is actually a hotel. A very nice one. With room service❣️

No need to suffer endlessly, lol. Yup, don’t mind if I do order me some room service. It was actually kind of a surprise, I knew it was a nice hotel but didn’t think to look up the amenities, I was craving a fresh salad so much. Yes, they are hard to come by in the smaller towns. Let me tell you, salad never tasted so good.

It is beautiful to roam through the countryside all day, but I grew up having the best of both worlds. My grandma lived in a little village, about a two hour drive from Berlin, and I got to spend a lot of time there, playing in the fields, the barns, the streams. Berlin was the opposite. Mostly concrete jungle with so many new and exciting things all the time, and I’m so grateful I got to experience all of that. Today I still need that balance between country and city life. I always know when it’s time to leave one for the other.

I’m saying good night and leaving you with these 2 shots. The wheat fields are golden in some places and harvest in near. I’m standing in an alley of “Spanish brooms” so fragrant 🌸

Author: Content may shift

I will have to revisit this and add content here soon. Stay tuned🙂

8 thoughts on “Culture, super powers, and a lovely surprise”

  1. Greetings beautiful one. So glad you found your salad! I can relate as I microwave my turkey dinner in my tiny lunch break today. Can you order “Super Powers” from room service? You must be feeling better, so glad you are treating yourself to better quarters. Think of you lots and send good journey vibes your way. Light and Love 🙂


    1. Hello,good morning my beautiful friend. I will try to find out if super powers can be ordered through room service next time I get a chance. Apparently super foods can, so we’ll see😄thanks for thinking of me❣️💜


  2. Leon sounds great! What superpower would I want? That’s easy. Ever since, I was a child, I wanted to be able to fly? And I wish I could fly really fast like at the speed of light. That way I could get to all the places I want to be in a blink of an eye. Wishing you buen camino, Claudia! Namaste, Judy


  3. Most excellent super power! 🤗 I think mine would be being able to go from one spot to another in a blink if an eye. I truly dislike having to fly on an airplane. Oddly enough I would also like to be able to fly 🤦‍♀️. Soar like a bird.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your journey! Hope you don’t mind but, for now, I’m living through you.❤


    1. Hi Gloria! Oh, I’m with you about that airplane travel. The first time I flew was from Berlin to Seattle🙂Everyone was still smoking at the time, including me🤢but it never got any easier. By now they should have figured out how to provide a bed for all, not just a select few. I often say I would like to come back as a bird one day. “Free as a bird?” Well, I am that though, ain’t I? Just need to grow those wings. Metaphorically speaking I already have some😊
      Thanks for sharing❣️💜


  4. Pls write a book chica. Ull make #1. U possess a real flair for the written word. Im transported every time! Luv u momma!!!


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