Off day

Spending 2 nights in Burgos proved to be the perfect amount of rest I needed. I wanted one complete off day where I didn’t need to pack or unpack. The luggage transfer is well worth the $5 euros per day. I met up with Grit again, one of the German girls from Rostock who walked with her heavy backpack every day. She said she finally had enough, wanted to enjoy her walk and sent it ahead. The beauty is that you can start or stop this service any time. There is no need to schedule it ahead like I did. Usually when I arrive at my destination my suitcase is already waiting for me, sometimes even in my room if it’s a private one. This time when I arrived in Burgos my suitcase wasn’t there yet. I called the number I have saved in case I needed it, and they apologized saying there are 2 pensione with that name in Burgos. The driver who delivered the luggage left for the day, but he called a taxi which then went to the other place, picked up the luggage and voilá 🎶with a knock on my room door it has arrived safe and sound. I mean, if it was lost I have insurance that would cover that. It just means a shopping trip to an outdoor adventure store. How horrible🙂

I went to the cathedral of Saint Mary at Burgos on Sunday. I’m telling you right now that none of the pictures I’m sharing here do it justice. It was just breathtakingly magnificent. Now, I don’t belong to any organized religion, but love visiting all churches. I find that the catholic ones are usually among the most ornate. The symbolism is incredible, and I wish that when you are handed the language interpretation thingy it would tell at least some of those stories.

Burgos as so many other cities in Europe has a very walkable Old town. It was founded in 884. The Arlanzón river is running right through it and makes for beautiful walks along its banks.

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I will have to revisit this and add content here soon. Stay tuned🙂

10 thoughts on “Off day”

  1. Namaste Claudia
    Beautiful pics! The luggaga ge forward idea is great..allows you to walk free. May the wind be behind you and the sun on your face. 🙂


  2. Glad u got ur suitcase momma…stunning pics..amazing adventure. I so look forward to ur next entry. Stay safe.


  3. I love reading your updates and your photos. Looks incredible. I may have to do this one in the next couple of years. 🙂


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