Just when…

…I was thinking how lucky I was to get into a super comfortable bed each night so far on the Camino, I came across a very uncomfortable one. Sometimes I end up in 3 or even 6 bed rooms and no one else is coming. Lucky me! I spread out. Yesterday however, the bed was more narrow than my yoga mat. I think the challenge for the day (and there is one every day) was to see if I can balance myself on this tiny bed and fall asleep at the same time. I failed miserably , and so it was another 13 miles on pretty much no sleep. Today’s challenge was the walk into Burgos. It started out so beautifully. Oh, I did take a wrong turn but a short walk through the wheat field got me back on track. I was passing olive groves and a sheep herder with at least 100 sheep, many with bells, it sounded so beautiful. I walked on soft ground for a while, which is so much nicer and easier on the joints than gravel or asphalt. Also makes me feel more connected to Mother Nature.

For about 11 miles I walked the pavement alongside industrial businesses, many of which were abandoned. Not even my music could cheer me. As I stopped to get a sip of water a man on a bicycle approached me, wanting to let me know that he has 3 hostels. 2 small ones and one big one, eying my backpack all the while. Yeah, I’m good ,thanks. WE have accommodations for the night already.

My big payoff for the day was the knowledge of having 2 days in Burgos. I needed a day where I didn’t have to getup at, 7 pack up and be on my way. So I booked myself in a little nice place, right in Old town. I also need a little fresh flavor for food so I went to this sushi place.

I meeeeeean, don’t get me wrong, the Spanish food is delicious, but these little hamlets I’m walking through have mostly 2 things. Bocadillos, which are sandwiches with ham, or cheese, or eggs, or something like that, or tortilla con patatas in various forms. I ended up buying a bottle of hot sauce to carry with me. Yeah yeah, first world problems, I know. But then look what I did find alongside the Camino a couple of days ago 🙂 Capresse

Burgos is a lively little town. It’s 10 at night and barely getting dark. The restaurants start serving dinner around 830 at night. The grocery stores open their doors at around 9 am, and closed on Sundays. I love how much time people have with their families. It was also 87 degrees today. Very unusual a local told me. Enjoy your weekend everyone❣️

Author: Content may shift

I will have to revisit this and add content here soon. Stay tuned🙂

4 thoughts on “Just when…”

  1. I envy the walk thru the wheat field n sound of sheep bells. What a singlely marvelous, enriching experience my sweet momma. U r a rock star!!!!!


  2. All I can do is smile …. and live it all again through you 🙂
    Your writings are lovely and I look forward to hearing more stories !
    Stay safe 💕


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