The slow life

I must admit, I still feel guilty for spending the entire day either walking, eating, drinking, or otherwise taking in the sites and sounds of this beautiful country. It’s still new to me and I’m slooooowly adjusting to that kind of day. It’s day 9 on the Camino, and I find that I need different things at different times during the day. It’s not always the same, or at the same time, no rhyme or reason here. Sometimes I need the quietness or the sound of the wind to keep me company. Sometimes I chat with fellow peregrinos about where they are from, tell them where I am from, we chat about why we are doing this and for how long, and then wish each other Buen Camino, have a good walk. Sometimes I like to listen to a story. What better way to listen to “The Alchemist” than on the Camino. At times I turn inward and get angry, sad, happy, trying to find answers to my questions. Sometimes I sing, or listen to my “Camino playlist”. How about Adele’s “set fire to the rain” the techno version to keep me going, y’all?

You see, all sorts of stuff comes up, or creeps up, you’ll never know what you gonna get. I’m just letting thoughts arrive, saying hello, allowing and inviting in whatever comes up, without judgement or criticism. It’s beautiful but sometimes uncomfortable to have this time to just Be.

It’s so very interesting that, when you are allowing thoughts to unfold naturally, sometimes by the way a plant looks, or by a familiar smell, a song, or the way the sun shines through the trees, your perception of an entire story can change. A story you have been carrying around with you your entire life takes on a new meaning. It becomes softer, lighter and more forgiving. It’s as if I have been given permission to take time to relive or re-examine my life and my stories in slow motion. What a rollercoaster and what a blessing. Time to slow down.

Tonight I had a lovely dinner with a mother and daughter from South Africa. It is so interesting to hear stories from the people and their countries versus the media. They were talking about mass exodus happening of young white and black graduates not able to obtain good jobs, along with fear of increased crime and government corruption. They don’t really want to leave their country, but feel they have no choice. They have skills but no job prospects.

Tomorrow I’m heading into Burgos where I will stay for 2 days.

Night y’all. Leaving you with 2 more impressions from the Camino (check out the stork nests)❤️

Author: Content may shift

I will have to revisit this and add content here soon. Stay tuned🙂

14 thoughts on “The slow life”

  1. My beautiful friend,
    I love your insight into the journey of each day. May I share a saying I am fond of?
    “Wherever you go, there you are.”
    The example you are setting with the opportunity for both quiet reflection and social enjoyment is inspiring me to find that balance in my daily life as best as I can.
    We humans will “find” ourselves in both these situations.
    Be true to your beautiful kind spirit in all places you find yourself.
    Look forward to your posts.


    1. Joan, thank you for that quote. I love it. It’s so very true. Today I shared one one Facebook

      “When you become comfortable with uncertainty , infinite possibilities open up in your life”. Eckhart Tolle
      Thank you for your encouragement❣️


  2. Hola Claudia! I am really living vicariously through your posts because quite honestly I don’t see myself walking 17 miles a day in this lifetime. What an amazing opportunity to divest yourself of baggage. I have to say you look happier than I have ever seen you!! Buen Camino, mi amiga!! 💗🌺


      1. pizza ever! Went to LACMA yesterday, very fine museum. When I figure out how to post a picture, I will send one


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