I’m off to see the wizard …….

I’m on a bus to Pamplona. It’s a 2 hour ride nonstop through beautiful lush green hillsides.

The bus ticket was €15.20 for those of us that like to attach numbers to stories. Sometimes I read blogs and really wish they would have included that. So I downloaded the bus app and booked it from home, as I didn’t want to wait until the last minute only to find there are 2 soccer teams needing to go to Pamplona at the same time as I’m trying to go.

Waiting there with the other passengers that needed to chain smoke before getting on the bus, I realized that I got ill last time I was here as well. I have this lingering cough that started when I arrived in Bilbao. There is this white fluff that looks like tiny cotton pillow flying around everywhere. I brought some of my homeopathic remedies with me, bought some chamomile tea and will go to the grocery store to buy lemon. It’ll be fine.

So I was trying to put my suitcase in the luggage compartment under the bus and attempted to move this 12×12 little bag that was in my way. I mean, I saw the guy put it there without a struggle, but it was so so super heavy when I tried moving it. What on earth is he carrying in that thing? Gold bars? My son, who worked at TSA for a while did tell me you can travel with gold bars on the airplane. And apparently it’s not that uncommon. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s heavy enough to consider it a weapon, no? Sorry, overthinking. I was just ever so curious to know what was in that bag.

My hostel is only a 5 minute walk from the bus terminal. Thank god for wheels. I will use a luggage service from town to town as I do not want to carry 17 kilos (38 lbs) on my back. The service cost $5 per day to transport, well worth it.

My shoes were the most important part to get right. It really doesn’t matter where I go, I need the right shoes. At home I have at least 3 pairs in my car all the time. Here I have 3 pairs with me for the Camino. A light pair of low hiking shoes from Keen, a pair of waterproof ankle high hiking boots from Oboz, and a pair of sandals from Keen. Yeah, ok I will tell you, they totaled about $400. 😳

Oh yeah, maybe I should mention that my phone almost got stolen in Bilbao. We were in Casco Viejo, the old part of town and I know better than to have my phone in my coat pocket. It was in my hand, I put it in my pocket to itch my nose. For what, maybe 2 seconds. I reached back into my pocket to pull it out and put it in its rightful place only to find another hand in it already. WTF? I turned around and saw this tall dark haired dude with a baseball cap and sunglasses looking very surprised at me. We had some choice words and he took off.

Someone saw this and said I should call the police so he won’t attempt this with another person. Yeah, ok, did you want me to pull him by his ears over to the next police offer? Oh, wait, maybe you wanted to run after him to ask him to turn himself in?

Anyway, lesson learned! 2 seconds is long enough, and it could have been gone.

Really looking forward to starting my walk tomorrow.

Author: Content may shift

I will have to revisit this and add content here soon. Stay tuned🙂

6 thoughts on “I’m off to see the wizard …….”

  1. Hallo Claudia,
    Ich liebe deinen Blog!!!!
    Wünsche dir alles gute auf dem Jakobsweg. Viele Stunden der Besinnlichkeit und Ruhe.
    Martha und ich fliegen heute nach Madrid. Werden uns leider nicht begegnen, weil wir in Astorga starten.
    Noch ganz liebe Grüße und Buen Camino


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