I’m in love….

Everyone who knows me, knows I love languages. It’s raining in Pamplona, so I decided to sit downstairs at my hostel with a tinto de verano just waiting out the rain. Looking at the local newspaper I am trying to understand what is written. I pick up a few words but can’t really string them together. I remembered I set up google translator on my moms phone (my kids would be so proud of me) I have it on my phone in 5 languages, including bask. One of the features of the translator is a camera. If you hover over the print to be translated and then take a picture it will translate it for you. I love love love love google❣️The horoscope caught my eye (see below) It has shrunk the world to a very small and functional university, on the go! I have used the translator in the pharmacy, at restaurants and various other places in various countries. You can type and then have it spoken in the language you want translated. I always try my very best to speak the language of the country I’m in. This is a very handy tool, and you don’t need another gadget. I remember I was walking around with a translator device years ago, and it neeeeever worked when I needed it to.

Let me know if you have it, and what your experience is. My favorite language is Italian. It just melts on your tongue. I don’t care what is said, is all sounds like love

Auf Wiedersehen

Author: Content may shift

I will have to revisit this and add content here soon. Stay tuned🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m in love….”

  1. Italiano è una bella lingua 🤗 Lo so 😄
    It sounds like you’re having an amazing time and I know it’s only going to get better. ❤


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